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Member of the crew DC Bounce what stands for: Dangerous Combination Bounce. Originated from the Philippines but born in the Netherlands. Inspired by many and daring to create and do something new. I learned a lot from a whole lot of people here in The Netherlands. My purpose is to be a dancer one day and sing just like some people you already know. And we'll see if they and YOU will recognize and accept me.. Cause thats something some of the people here did not do! But they're forgiven and I'll always carry them in my heart. Stay inspired and I'll keep you up to date with my Blog errdaayyyy! Who wants to follow? Who, wants to live a dream? ..
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Sometimes your a pain in the ass.. But I’ll always be proud of you little bro! Keep fighting for your dreams kiddo! 💯 (bij Heart.)
Being corny, like always haha 😘 @soraayaaa  (bij Heart.)
No music is no life, so let’s make some. #music #bronight #homesession #passion 🎵 (bij Home.)
Eventhough sometimes it gets rough, can’t leave you hanging cause you’ve been there from the start. Forever friends and lovers by heart. 💞 #tough #love @soraayaaa  (bij Heart.)
Living life with no mercy. 🙌 #new #start
Thats that ish we do like #sushi #yuniku #lunch 🍣👌 (bij Yuniku)
Lunch with babe at Yuniku 💞 (bij Yuniku)
My madre 💞 #mahal #kita #po  (bij Home.)
He white, but he still mah nigga haha 😂 @goonjy_  👌 #crewneck #brothers (bij Home.)
Power Packed Youth Throwback’ 💞🙏🙌 @powerpackedyouth welcome to my church! 😁 SO TO @snoordzee for bringing out a good song! 👌 (bij Levende Steen Ministeries)
We heard only God may judge us. #nuffsaid 🙏✌️🙌 #church #ppy  (bij Levende Steen Ministeries)
With the abe at church’ ✌️🙌 @powerpackedyouth @joshuasetiadi  (bij Levende Steen Ministeries)
Real niggas say word, aint never told no lie 🎶 @pradana (bij 2O9)
Went to the barber 👌 #fresh #barber  (bij Sam’s Barber Shop)
Death from below x HUF 👌 (bij Home.)